The Brexit Party in the 2019 EU Election

Campaign Overview

The Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, emerged as a dominant force in the 2019 European Parliament elections in the UK. This case study examines the campaign strategies, challenges, and outcomes that led to the Brexit Party's success.

Context and Background

The 2019 European Parliament elections in the UK were held against the backdrop of ongoing Brexit negotiations. Frustration with the political establishment's handling of Brexit created a fertile ground for the Brexit Party, which positioned itself as the definitive voice for delivering Brexit.

Campaign Strategy

  1. Clear Messaging on Brexit: The Brexit Party's campaign was singularly focused on delivering Brexit. Their slogan, "Change Politics for Good" encapsulated the party's promise to break the deadlock in Parliament and ensure the UK's departure from the EU. This clear, unambiguous message resonated with voters frustrated by delays and perceived political incompetence.
  2. Leveraging Nigel Farage's Profile: Nigel Farage, a well-known figure in UK politics, used his media savvy and high public profile to great effect. His frequent appearances on television and social media allowed him to reach a broad audience and galvanize support. Farage's reputation as a staunch Eurosceptic lent credibility to the party's platform​.
  3. Social Media Campaign: The Brexit Party utilized social media platforms extensively to engage with voters. Their digital strategy included targeted advertising and regular updates on campaign activities. This approach not only mobilized existing supporters but also attracted undecided voters looking for a clear stance on Brexit​.

Key Challenges

  1. Public Skepticism and Criticism: Despite the party's clear stance, there was significant public skepticism regarding the feasibility and implications of a hard Brexit. Critics argued that the party's simplistic solutions overlooked the complex realities of leaving the EU​​​.
  2. Competition from Other Eurosceptic Parties: The Brexit Party faced competition from other Eurosceptic groups, including UKIP. However, Farage's leadership and the party's focused message helped consolidate support among Brexit proponents​.

Results and Impact

The Brexit Party won 29 seats (30,52%), making it the largest UK party in the European Parliament. This success was a clear signal to the UK government about the public's dissatisfaction with the handling of Brexit and underscored the importance of addressing this issue decisively​.


The Brexit Party's campaign in the 2019 European Parliament election illustrates the power of clear, focused messaging and the effective use of media to connect with voters. By capitalizing on public frustration and presenting a straightforward solution to a complex issue, the Brexit Party was able to achieve significant electoral success.

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